Google Pushes on Mobile Unfriendly Websites

Fix Your Website to Make It Mobile Friendly

mobile friendly Website’s Mobile Friendliness is Now Search Ranking Signal and an Opportunity to Get New Clients
Everyone has actually probably heard about the Google’s mobile friendly upgrade. Site’s mobile friendliness is now formally thought about as Google’s ranking signal No. 1.

For the past 5 years the percentage of mobile internet users is quickly growing, and the now in 2015, the 50 % of web users utilize their mobile phone to conduct searches.

And that is exactly why Google decided to put a big significance on the mobile update.

Now, as it typically is, along with every heavy upgrade and scarecity such as mobile upgrade, there is also industry and profit opportunity for smart and quick action takers.

As you may understand, not every company owner who has a website understands such a thing. Many of them really just get their website set up by some average web developing company and that’s the end of it.
So, here is the opportunity that I’m talking about.

You find the business owner’s sites that are not mobile friendly optimized, do a couple of test using the super easy and reliable tool (which I’m going to talk about in a second), and contact your prospects with attached report of all the information that you gathered, telling them why they ought to repair their sites and what impact it will have on their rankings in Google.

Then you simply offer them your services to fix their problem, eliminate scarecity and get them ranking higher in Google.

This all sounds great, but it would be a kind of time eating to locate and analyze the people’s web sites, and contact them one by one. Its just time consuming and a little bit unpleasant in matter of tracking and reporting everything.

That is why the smart guys created brilliant software which is almost fully automated. It locates the websites that are not mobile friendly based on the keywords that you provide, tracks everything, generates reports, find the contact details of the potential client and send the bulk message to them.

All of this from one interface of the software called Cloud Prospect Machine by Todd Spears and his team.

This tool tells you what exactly is wrong with the clients website, so you can begin work on it and repair it.

I personally began using CP machine about a month earlier, when it was first time released. I have to say that its really excellent tool and does what it states.

Its still a brand-new piece of software and not many copies were sold yet, but will be soon. I encourage to get this device now and implement the strategy prior to the competitors develop. But don’t fret, it will take at least a couple of moths before the market gets filled. Up until then you could have quickly 5 figure business already up and running without worrying about competition.

Just go ahead to pop into multi-billion dollar mobile market and get the results for yourself.